How a young founder grew his freelance website-building business into an agency with $3.5M revenue

In the foreground stands a man in a v-neck sweatshirt, smiling at the camera. In the background, there are various balconies and terraces, indicates an urban apartment complex.

After this HR platform sold, the buyer rebranded to the seller’s company name, WorkTango


She hired a CEO to strengthen her online training business, then sold for $4.5M


Why Ladders sold just one arm of its company, its 2.2M-subscriber daily newsletter


How A/B testing pricing models helped this SaaS founder sell for a 6x revenue multiple

A man with a white and red-striped t-shirt stands in front of a large white projection screen with his hands in front of him, fingers touching.

With 250K email subscribers, crypto newsletter Milk Road sells after just 10 months

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Hear From Founders

Podcast Episodes

Laura Roeder, Co-founder of MeetEdgar

The gutsy cold pitch that landed Laura Roeder a 7-figure deal

32 minutes

Laura Roeder and her husband, Chris Williams, built and sold MeetEdgar, a social media scheduling platform, to SureSwift Capital for 7 figures.

Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle

From hot dog stand to 8-figure exit: How Sam Parr built and sold The Hustle

39 minutes

How did this down-to-earth guy with no previous media experience build such a valuable company? Here’s how Sam Parr became one of the leading voices in entrepreneurship.

Anna Maste, Co-Founder of Boondockers Welcome

How a 7-hour workweek led to Anna Maste’s 7-figure sale

30 minutes

This is the story of how Anna Maste and Marianne Edwards, a mother-daughter duo, bootstrapped and sold a membership site for RVers called Boondockers Welcome.

Manuel Frigerio, fo-founder of ReferralHero

From failed startup to 6-figure exit: Manuel Frigerio’s ReferralHero journey

35 minutes

Sometimes it takes building one business to figure out what to build next. That was the case for Manuel Frigerio, who built and sold a Saas, ReferralHero.

How To

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