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A travel gear site lost 60% of traffic during the pandemic. Here’s how the company recovered

A smiling man with dark hair and a beard is seated outdoors on a bench, wearing a black jacket and a black sling bag, with a black backpack beside him.

These SaaS founders focused less on building – and more on listening


How PsychCentral sold for 7 figures without a single full-time employee


How these founders grew their SaaS to $4.6 million ARR with a lean team of 3

The Userflow team: Esben Friis-Jensen (co-founder), Sebastian Seilund (co-founder), and Jonas Kelstrup (designer)

This founder sold his marketing agency to his own VP of operations

A square image of smiling middle-aged man with a beard wearing a blue polo shirt, pictured against a green, leafy background, set against a blue background with a graphic element in the lower right corner.

How company culture and identity helped get this software sale to the finish line

Comalatech team at the Bilbao office opening

This software company went from struggling to find customers to selling for 16x revenue

Praveen Ghanta, co-founder of HiddenLevers

I sold my social media agency for 8 figures. Here’s how I increased our sale price

Carrie Kerpen, co-founder of Likeable Media

They quit their jobs at an events company to start their own. A decade later, they sold for 8 figures

Neil Darkes and Terence O'Dwyer, co-founders of LSX

Determined to keep the company in good hands, this B2B media business sold to its management and employees

A collage of three business professionals against a blue background: on the left, an elderly man in a checkered shirt; in the center, a middle-aged man with a beard in a suit and patterned shirt; and on the right, a smiling middle-aged woman with short hair.

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