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This couple sold $3.5M of newborn props on Amazon, then sold to an aggregator for $2M

Set on a beach, in the foreground are two people—on the left is a man with sunglasses and a gray long-sleeve shirt, on the right is a woman with her hand resting on the man's shoulder. Both of them are smiling at the camera.

How this content agency leaned on a contractor-only model to reach $5 million in lifetime revenue


She used her law expertise to grow an e-commerce store selling contract templates


How this founder’s immersion in PPC advertising turned into a $3.25M sale


Months after the sale, this cannabis deal went up in smoke. Here’s how the founders got their company back

In the foreground, two business people look into the camera. In the background, there is a blue sky and a bridge.

How a freelance marketer landed atop search results, which helped him grow and sell his agency


How this PR agency owner created and sold her own SaaS podcast database for 3x revenue

In the foreground, a woman dressed in white sits at a table with her laptop. There are green plants in the background.

This couple built a food blogging suite from scratch, before selling off a few slices


How this subscription box founder finally landed a deal on Facebook, weeks before giving birth

A woman smiles into the camera holding a box embellished with the logo "Teacher Care Crate"

Grants for entrepreneurs: A huge list of funding options, plus how to win them

Illustration of three characters looking at another character who has a big money symbol above their head.

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