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Seller financing opened an exit opportunity for the founder of this VA training company

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With a background in project management, this couple built and sold a portfolio of Jira apps


An SEO community with 750 paying members sold for $1.8 million


How this e-commerce founder recovered – and sold – after being penalized by Amazon

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Cron and Notion’s founders used each other’s products before joining forces in this strategic deal

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Why our founder moved to an online bank, plus the pros and cons of the one she chose

Why I moved to an online bank

This founder sold his pool monitor when it was still just a patent and a prototype

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How a small Polish martech startup attracted U.S. buyer Semrush

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How this former executive scaled and sold her car organizer invention


The buyer of this SaaS app got a great multiple by offering 7% of future resale value

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