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Venture capital isn’t your only option: 7 alternative ways to raise startup funds

Three illustrated business characters hold money in front of a giant lightbulb, indicating investing in an idea.

How putting in 6 more months helped the founder of this SEO business double his sale price


These 20-somethings sold their influencer marketing firm for “tens of millions”


Using bots to boost SEO fetched this recent college grad a nearly $300K sale

A man in a white shirt stands in the foreground, smiling at the camera.

With 130,000 users, these college students sold their shopping browser extension to Ibotta

Four square profile photos appear on the foreground, each person smiling at the camera. In the background, there are two blue horizontal blocks with the They Got Acquired logo in the bottom right.

How a young founder grew his freelance website-building business into an agency with $3.5M revenue

In the foreground stands a man in a v-neck sweatshirt, smiling at the camera. In the background, there are various balconies and terraces, indicates an urban apartment complex.

After this HR platform sold, the buyer rebranded to the seller’s company name, WorkTango

In the background is a white display backdrop with the logo "WorkTango" on it. In the foreground, there are 2-3 rows of the WorkTango team, smiling at the camera.

Why Ladders sold just one arm of its company, its 2.2M-subscriber daily newsletter


How A/B testing pricing models helped this SaaS founder sell for a 6x revenue multiple

A man with a white and red-striped t-shirt stands in front of a large white projection screen with his hands in front of him, fingers touching.

With 250K email subscribers, crypto newsletter Milk Road sells after just 10 months

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