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I sold my business for $25M. Here’s how I knew it was time to sell

Sharon Gillenwater, founder of Boardroom Insiders

This founder sold to strengthen his company’s position in a competitive SEO tools market


24 podcasts to binge before you sell your business


These Shopify app developers looked for one deal – and found a more lucrative one they didn’t expect

A group of men enjoy a simulated racing experience in an arcade, with one taking a selfie in the foreground and the screen displaying a message about braking in the game.

An unsolicited offer for this cannabis news website came along at the right time

Two women sit at a table smiling at one another, set against a blue background with a graphic element in the lower right corner.

How this developer’s apps for Atlassian landed a deal with a major player

A man with short hair, wearing a plaid shirt, is seated and looking at the camera with a neutral expression in a room with glass walls and a blurred building visible in the background.

This sports writer hit a home run: he sold his newsletter and got to keep writing it

On the foreground, there is a square image of a man smiling at the camera. In the background, there are two blue horizontal lines with the They Got Acquired logo on it.

This founder sold his SEO agency but retained ownership of his A/B testing SaaS

A lively group of people on a stage at the "SearchLove Conference," posing with excitement and making playful gestures, some wearing branded black t-shirts, against a backdrop with a green hexagonal design and conference branding.

These edtech founders overcame VC challenges, a war and a pandemic before selling

Vlada Lotkina, co-founder of ClassTag, and her daughter, Sophia.

How she scaled a database to $5M ARR, sold for $25M and split the proceeds

A professional man and woman in business attire stand confidently with their arms crossed, the woman in a black jacket with a yellow accent and the man in a blue suit, outside near a brick column and outdoor seating area.

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