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VC-backed startup hit a dead end? Why an acquihire might be a good solution

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How Brian Dean sold Backlinko, with 500K monthly visitors, to Semrush


He needed to drive traffic to his content sites, so he built the ad platform he wanted


Due diligence: How to make this part of the acquisition process a little less painful

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A niche content site about working from home sold for a 34x monthly revenue multiple

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A 3-founder team grew an affiliate marketing tech company to a 7-figure exit


Navigating acquihire: How to negotiate more than an employment contract

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How protein pancakes in a UCLA dorm became a successful e-commerce business

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Local news outlet The Coast, in business since 1993, finds buyer to support their print-to-digital transition

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What’s EBITDA? What it means, how to calculate it, and why it matters for selling your business

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