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Newsletter writers created ad platform Swapstack and grew to $25K/month in revenue


What happens when a company sells for less money than it raised in funding? We explain


They bought newsletter marketplace Duuce, pivoted, and sold it 16 months later


Content company founder sells his newsletter and event to a key sponsor

A close-up photo of a man in business attire smiles directly at the camera.

How this TechCrunch editor built her VC newsletter and sold it to her employer


She built a parenting community to $1.7M revenue — and “sat shiva” after she sold

A woman stands at a podium that reads "swissotel Chicago". The woman has her hands in the air, fingers spread out, and maintains a serious look on her face as she delivers a lecture.

How to clean up your books before selling your business

An illustration of men holding a magnifying glass and a calculator.

M&A lawyer shares mistakes to avoid when you sell your business

Video thumbnail: M&A lawyer Andrew Ritter shares mistakes to avoid when you sell your business

Newsletter growth SaaS SparkLoop sold to one of its early partners, ConvertKit

Two square profile images of businessmen sit on top of a blue background with the They Got Acquired logo.

A glossary of acquisition terms, from acquihire to strategic buyer

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