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He bought a mobility aid drop-shipping site for $9K. A year later, he sold it for 15x

A man in a suit stands on stage in the foreground. In the background is a blurred presentation screen.

After 16 years, the Half Marathon Guide’s founder reached a 6-figure finish line


This sports writer hit a home run: he sold his newsletter and got to keep writing it


This female founder built a pay equity community, which led to an acquihire

Two woman sitting at a table at a restaurant look into the camera, smiling.

Two college seniors turned a class project into a business supporting travel advisors

Two females sit side-by-side in the sand, smiling at the camera

How to prepare your personal finances before selling your company

An illustration of a business person in a suit holding up a bag of money and running with it.

By appealing to a younger generation of investors, this trading app attracted a $1.5M AUD equity deal


How The New Stack grew a dedicated audience of developers — and sold to a global VC firm


Are you emotionally ready to sell your business? Ask yourself these 9 questions

On a beige background there is a person straddling a balanced see-saw. The figure is holding two circle with a smiley and sad face.

Two HR platforms were founded the same year. 3 years later, one bought the other

Three co-founders on a beach

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