This founder quickly figured out how to sell her community as funding evaporated

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How this newsletter-podcast startup landed a buyer that wanted its young audience


She didn’t sell her subscription business at its peak — and looking back, wishes she had


VCs said it was too niche. But strength site BarBend attracted 31M users and a buyer

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Strategies for minimizing taxes when you sell your business

Interview with Matt Camrud of Brighton Jones

Eyes on the prize: How these e-commerce founders knew when the deal was right

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Hear From Founders

Podcast Episodes

Anna Maste, Co-Founder of Boondockers Welcome

How a 7-hour workweek led to Anna Maste’s 7-figure sale

30 minutes

This is the story of how Anna Maste and Marianne Edwards, a mother-daughter duo, bootstrapped and sold a membership site for RVers called Boondockers Welcome.

Donald Spann, Co-Founder of Vicky Virtual Receptionists

Donald Spann’s goal was time freedom. He got it by building a virtual call center

36 minutes

This entrepreneur says you don’t have to be passionate about your business. Here’s what he suggests instead, and how he built Vicky Virtual Receptionists to an exit.

Jon Hainstock Co-founder of ZoomShift

When’s the right time to exit? Jon Hainstock on selling ZoomShift

30 minutes

Is there a right time to sell your business? This was what Jon Hainstock and his co-founder, Ben Bartling, had to figure out when they were planning their exit from ZoomShift.

Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle

From hot dog stand to 8-figure exit: How Sam Parr built and sold The Hustle

39 minutes

How did this down-to-earth guy with no previous media experience build such a valuable company? Here’s how Sam Parr became one of the leading voices in entrepreneurship.

How To

Advice for Selling Your Business


A bold way to sell your company: Pitch your ideal buyer. Here’s how to do it


Navigating acquihire: How to negotiate more than an employment contract


Should you work with a broker to sell your business? How to choose one and what to expect


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