This couple sold $3.5M of newborn props on Amazon, then sold to an aggregator for $2M

Set on a beach, in the foreground are two people—on the left is a man with sunglasses and a gray long-sleeve shirt, on the right is a woman with her hand resting on the man's shoulder. Both of them are smiling at the camera.

How this content agency leaned on a contractor-only model to reach $5 million in lifetime revenue


She used her law expertise to grow an e-commerce store selling contract templates


How this founder’s immersion in PPC advertising turned into a $3.25M sale


Months after the sale, this cannabis deal went up in smoke. Here’s how the founders got their company back

In the foreground, two business people look into the camera. In the background, there is a blue sky and a bridge.

How a freelance marketer landed atop search results, which helped him grow and sell his agency

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Podcast Episodes

Lauren Gaggioli, founder of They Got Acquired

Can you sell a business based on a personal brand? Lauren Gaggioli did

44 minutes

Lauren Gaggioli nearly let her course business Higher Scores Test Prep die because she wasn’t sure it was big enough to sell. Then she found a buyer and exited for $180,000.

Donald Spann, Co-Founder of Vicky Virtual Receptionists

Donald Spann’s goal was time freedom. He got it by building a virtual call center

36 minutes

This entrepreneur says you don’t have to be passionate about your business. Here’s what he suggests instead, and how he built Vicky Virtual Receptionists to an exit.

Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle

From hot dog stand to 8-figure exit: How Sam Parr built and sold The Hustle

39 minutes

How did this down-to-earth guy with no previous media experience build such a valuable company? Here’s how Sam Parr became one of the leading voices in entrepreneurship.

Alexis Grant, Founder of They Got Acquired

Lexi Grant on the acquihire and 6-figure asset sale that led to They Got Acquired

38 minutes

Before she founded They Got Acquired, Lexi Grant built several other media businesses — and sold two of them. Here’s our founder’s story.

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Why you shouldn’t wait until you burn out to sell your business


Don’t underestimate due diligence: How to juggle operations and this grueling phase of your sale


Should you work with a broker to sell your business? How to choose one and what to expect


10 books that will help you prepare to sell your company