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Lexi Grant didn’t start her first or second business with the goal of selling them one day. She was just doing what she does best: bootstrapping content companies from the ground up.

But thanks to an acquihire that thrust her career forward, and a six-figure exit from a side project called The Write Life, Lexi knows just how meaningful life-changing an acquisition can be.

Learn about her journey through both businesses — and the moment she knew it was time to create They Got Acquired.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • [5:42] How Lexi pivoted from freelance journalism into content marketing
  • [8:40] How one client changed everything for Lexi’s content marketing agency
  • [12:01] The terms of The Penny Hoarder’s acquihire
  • [14:51] How The Penny Hoarder grew readership to 25 million per month
  • [17:26] The skill that allowed Lexi to optimize her side project for a six-figure acquisition
  • [20:18] How becoming a parent changed Lexi’s perspective about business
  • [22:38] Why Lexi left The Penny Hoarder to return to her entrepreneurial roots
  • [26:27] Lexi’s advice for bloggers who want to cultivate a community of readers
  • [28:39] The traits that made The Write Life an attractive asset for acquisition
  • [32:07] How Lexi’s previous exits gave her the idea for They Got Acquired

You can connect and keep up with Lexi on Twitter @alexisgrant, her website, or by subscribing to our They Got Acquired newsletter.

Plus, want to learn more about how an acquihire works? We’ve got you covered: What’s an acquihire?

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