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Opportunities to Reach our They Got Acquired Audience

Whether you’re looking for leads, brand awareness or thought leadership, we’ll help you reach your goals by sharing your message with our audience of entrepreneurs.

We offer a variety of sponsorship options:

  • Newsletter: Here’s an example (placement at the top and middle of the email)
  • Expert interview: Here’s an example (also goes out in our newsletter)
  • Podcast: Here’s an example (sponsor mentions at the top, middle and end of the episode)
  • Reports: Here’s an example (sponsor mentions in PDF, spreadsheet and associated emails)

For more info, get in touch via our Contact page or email us: team[at]TheyGotAcquired[dot]com.

Sponsorship opportunities with They Got Acquired


What Our Sponsors Say

“The quality of the leads we get through our They Got Acquired partnership is high, so much so that we moved from a one-off sponsorship to a recurring sponsorship. The team is easy to work with and comes up with creative ways to increase visibility. We’ve found working with them to be worth the investment.”

– Deanna Berardi, Quiet Light brokerage

“I’ve sponsored the newsletter twice now. We’ve had good conversion from it, and great leads. It’s a good targeted audience to work with, so a big fan. We plan on doing another next quarter.”

– Christine Carrillo, The 20 Hour CEO

“We worked with the They Got Acquired team on several promotions with a client. Their list is solid and the team is super easy to work with. If you’re trying to reach start-ups, this is a fantastic platform to do it. I’d happily work with them again.”

– Tyler Brooks, Analytive

Let's Explore a Sponsorship

We support entrepreneurs who want to sell their business, so our audience includes:

  • Founders who are building an online business, including those looking to sell in the next year
  • Buyers seeking their next acquisition opportunity
  • Other players in the startup space, including investors and M&A support professionals

Our About page is the best place to learn more about our story and our team.

If this sounds like it might be fit, let’s chat! We’re keen to hear about your goals, so we can help you figure out the best way to reach them.

Get in touch via our Contact page or email us: team[at]TheyGotAcquired[dot]com.