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Twice a week, we share expert advice for how to sell your business and inspiring stories of founders who’ve exited.

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We offer lots of resources for founders looking to sell in the next year:

Find an advisor

If you need help getting your business in front of buyers and navigating the sale process, we can recommend an advisor or broker we trust who specializes in your type of business.

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M&A coaching

If you have a potential buyer already or want to approach buyers on your own, we offer a coaching package to support you through the process

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Think you want to sell in the next year but not sure where to start? Our founder Lexi Grant, who has had two small exits herself, offers free calls with founders to brainstorm next steps.

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Our reports are full of case studies and data about other companies that have sold. You can even request a report that includes comparables that are specific to your business.

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Learn how to sell a business

Educate yourself on the basics of how to sell your company by reading our resource posts. Our reporters share expertise from M&A experts and founders who’ve sold.

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