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The marketing software ReferralHero wouldn’t exist if Manuel Frigerio hadn’t built his previous startup — one that ultimately failed.

But thanks to Manuel’s ability to listen to customers’ needs and pivot at the right moment, he built ReferralHero and sold it for 6 figures.

Listen to Manuel’s story of how he used each business he built to springboard to his next big opportunity.

Quote from Manuel Frigerio about growing ReferralHero

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • [2:07] Why a 6-figure sale was a life-changing sum for Manuel
  • [4:25] Manuel’s first foray into coding and web development
  • [6:45] How Manuel met his co-founder and the two launched their first startup idea
  • [7:41] Lessons from Campus Board’s struggles and the co-founders’ pivot to Event Ninja
  • [9:14] How Manuel got the support of Eventbrite
  • [13:30] The inspiration for Manuel’s next product, ReferralHero, and its successful Product Hunt launch
  • [18:08] How Manuel handled ReferralHero’s rapid growth
  • [19:33] Why Manuel underwent a “painful” rebrand
  • [21:50] How Manuel navigated his co-founder’s departure
  • [25:04] The impetus behind Manuel’s transition from ReferralHero to Spark Loop
  • [26:13] Why Manuel used a broker to sell ReferralHero
  • [29:50] The terms of the deal and what was important to Manuel
  • [32:04] Manuel’s advice to founders who want to sell their companies

We’re so grateful to Manuel for sharing his story and expertise. You can connect with Manuel on Twitter @manuel_frigerio, his website, and his next startup, SparkLoop.

And thanks to our sponsor for this episode, FE International.

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