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Laura Roeder didn’t use a broker, M&A advisor, or marketplace to sell the social media scheduling tool, MeetEdgar.

She found her buyer the same way she’d found success throughout her career: with a gutsy cold pitch.

Learn how she and her husband, Chris Williams, built and sold the platform for seven figures — and how they did it without sacrificing all their time to the business.

Quote from Laura Roeder on building MeetEdgar

Here’s what you’ll learn:

[2:45] How Laura and her co-founder husband prefer to split up tasks within the business

[3:42] The chance meeting in Buenos Aires that led to a match made in heaven

[5:48] How Laura first discovered the power of a good cold pitch, and used it to win customers and awards

[9:13] The million dollar business that Laura walked away from

[12:00] Why Laura and Chris named their social media scheduling tool MeetEdgar

[13:17] The advantage that helped MeetEdgar generate more than $100,000 in monthly revenue and nearly 3,000 customers

[17:30] How Laura and Chris designed MeetEdgar to function without them

[18:32] Why competition from Buffer and Hootsuite helped MeetEdgar succeed

[21:39] The 2018 Twitter change that caused a drop in revenue, and how the MeetEdgar team rallied

[22:01] Why Laura and Chris raised $300,000, only to give it back to investors

[26:06] How Laura cold pitched and negotiated her way to a 7-figure deal for MeetEdgar

[30:08] What’s next for Laura and Chris (and what she’s most proud of looking back)

We’re so grateful to Laura for sharing her story and expertise. You can connect with Laura on Twitter @lkr, her website, and her next startup, Paperbell.

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