Hiring: Freelance business reporter

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The Role

We’re looking for a freelance reporter who has experience covering the startup world or business to join us in a freelance capacity for They Got Acquired.

Our mission is to change the definition of startup success by covering 6-, 7- and 8-figure acquisitions in the online space.

You’ll tell the stories of these companies and the founders that grew them, in a fun voice that’s interesting to read. We enjoy storytelling, puns and fun leads, while still upholding accuracy and attribution.

Our ideal candidate brings:

  • Experience covering business or startups
  • Reporting chops and journalistic ethics
  • Creative writing skills

You’ll contribute four posts/month. We’ll assign each story (no need to pitch ideas) and each assignment requires one interview.

What we look for

About you

  • You can write in a fun, engaging style
  • You have experience working as a reporter covering business or startups
  • You’re awesome at scrappy online research and know how to dig beyond the obvious sources
  • You’re seasoned with first-person interviews: navigating phone conversations, helping sources feel comfortable, and getting answers to tough questions
  • You’re creative and enjoy finding unique angles for each story
  • You’re good at sorting through information and pulling out the important pieces, then weaving it into a story
  • You’re comfortable with the metrics and acronyms in the startup space, for example: churn, SaaS, equity, ARR
  • You enjoy being part of a small, scrappy team that’s building a business from scratch
  • You’re a problem-solver who suggests solutions alongside pointing out problems
  • You get just as excited (or more!) about a company that bootstrapped to a $2 million sale compared with one that raised VC and sold for $200 million
  • You double-check your work, turn in clean copy, and care highly about accuracy
  • Your work is upheld by journalistic ethics

The Nitty Gritty

Your responsibilities

You’ll write stories about online businesses that have sold for 6, 7 and 8 figures, spotlighting companies and founders the world might not otherwise learn from.

Post length: Around 600 words, though some go longer if the story is interesting and some are shorter if we don’t have many details. We prefer anecdotal or creative leads.

Assignments: We’ll assign companies for you to cover. No need to pitch us ideas.

Interviews: These are one-interview stories. We usually provide a survey form the founder has filled out, and you follow up with the founder with questions to fill any gaps. You’re welcome to conduct that interview via email, phone or whatever method works for you and the founder.

Research: We typically provide a list of resources as a starting point, and we expect you to look around for other sources as well.

Headlines & data: We ask you to suggest headlines and metadata, and we’ll provide guidance for writing them. We also ask you to add to our database any additional information you discover through your reporting.

Edits: We prefer to have one round of edits, though some stories require more.

Tools: We collaborate with writers via track changes in Google Docs and assign stories via ClickUp.

What's the Pay?


This is a remote position on a freelance basis. Work whenever you want and wherever you want, so long as you do the job well.

We’re looking for a candidate who can submit 4 posts per month, about one each week. We’re flexible on cadence; for example, if you’d prefer to submit four posts at the beginning of each month, that works, too.

Monthly compensation (4 posts): $1,300

Our goal with this structure is to bake in reliability and consistency for you and for us.


Keen to apply?

About the company

Our mission at They Got Acquired is to redefine startup success by highlighting “small” exits, especially those by bootstrapped and underrepresented founders.

By joining us in these early days (we launched in February 2022), you’ll get to learn about what it takes to grow a media company from scratch. We’re a new startup that’s still figuring things out. The ideal candidate wants to be part of that evolution.

Our team is entirely remote. We believe it’s possible to make a meaningful impact and reach millions of readers without working ourselves into the ground. We love this work — and we also enjoy life outside of work.

Read more about our team here.

How to apply:

Here’s the application. No resume or cover letter required.

We typically work through a few posts together (paid, of course) before committing to a long-term partnership.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Questions? Here’s how to contact us.