You probably listen to lots of business and entrepreneurship podcasts — but how many of those are hosted by women?

We know lots of women run exciting, innovative and successful businesses, and they have a treasure trove of knowledge and insight to share. (Here are just a few examples of women who have exited their companies.)

Yet many of the “best of” lists lack female voices.

So whether you’re craving a woman’s perspective when you open your podcast app or simply want to diversify what’s in your earbuds, we want to make it easy for you to find and learn from female business leaders.

Here are a few of our favorite business podcasts hosted by women.

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1. They Got Acquired

Host: Alexis Grant, founder of They Got Acquired

Listen to They Got Acquired

We couldn’t create this list without telling you about our own podcast! Hosted by They Got Acquired founder Alexis Grant and produced by Laura Boach, we share stories of life-changing business acquisitions and founders who don’t follow the Silicon Valley narrative.

Listen to be inspired to think differently about how you build your business, and for practical tips for building and selling your company.

2. Startup Parent

Host: Sarah K. Peck, founder of Startup Parent

Listen to The Startup Parent Podcast

Startup Parent’s podcast for working parents and entrepreneurs features founder Sarah K. Peck talking with founders and entrepreneurs about growing businesses while having kids.

Listen for relatable stories and advice on building and marketing your business, staying sane while parenting (in a pandemic!), productivity, raising kids according to your values and more.

3. The Opportunity Podcast

Hosts: Sarah Nuttycombe, content manager at Empire Flippers

Listen to The Opportunity Podcast

Sarah Nuttycombe, a content manager with the online business marketplace Empire Flippers, interviews entrepreneurs who’ve bought, sold and flipped online businesses, plus other industry experts.

Listen for lesser-known growth opportunities from real experiences with building and selling online businesses.

4. Free Time

Host: Jenny Blake, author of “Free Time”

Listen to Free Time

In her newest podcast, author, coach and entrepreneur Jenny Blake shares her experience and speaks with other entrepreneurs to answer the show’s guiding question: “How can we earn twice as much in half the time with joy and ease while serving the highest good?”

Listen for inspiration for ways to free your mind, time and team to do your best work. Blake’s specialty is lean teams and systems, and her advice and ideas are highly practical.

5. Dear FoundHer

Host: Lindsay Pinchuk, founder, Bump Club and Beyond

Listen to Dear FoundHer

Marketing and business consultant Lindsay Pinchuk, who bootstrapped her company Bump Club and Beyond to an acquisition in 2019, speaks with female founders every week to share stories that motivate and inspire other entrepreneurs.

Listen for conversations with successful founders, and get their best tips for business, marketing, content, social media and more.

6. Female Startup Club

Host: Doone Roisin, 2x founder and author of “Your Hype Girl”

Listen to Female Startup Club

Australian entrepreneur and content creator Doone Roisin talks with female founders of consumer products and goods (CPG) and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands around the world in bite-size episodes that share strategies and insights for startup growth.

Roisin developed the podcast, originally a simple social media series, as a direct reaction to the lack of female perspective in business podcasts and other media.

7. The a16z Podcast

Host: Steph Smith, former head of at The Hustle (acquired by HubSpot)

Listen to The a16z Podcast

a16z, the flagship podcast by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, announced in May 2022 that growth marketer and trend forecaster Steph Smith would join the team as the podcast’s host. She’s taking over for the a16z’s editor in chief Sonal Chokshi, the show’s primary host and showrunner since it began in 2015.

Listen to a16z for conversations about tech innovation and the future of business.

8. She Turned Entrepreneur

Host: Dori Stewart

Listen to She Turned Entrepreneur

Each week, STEM education entrepreneur Dori Stewart interviews female entrepreneurs who left 9-to-5 jobs to start their own businesses.

Listen for stories and insights from entrepreneurs from women running businesses as founders, franchisees, real estate agents, artists and more.

9. The New Rules of Business

Host: Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan, co-founders of Chief

Listen to The New Rules of Business

In this podcast from Chief, a private membership network for female executives, the company’s co-founders speak with world-renowned business leaders about authenticity, values and leadership in the future of work.

Listen for conversations on timely topics like the metaverse, DEI, corporate responsibility and the quest for authenticity.

10. Better: The Brand Designer Podcast

Hosts: Jen Davis, founder and principal, Hello June Creative; and Esther Knox-Dekoning, founder and principal, Sereth Design

Listen to Better: The Brand Designer Podcast

Design agency founders Jen Davis and Esther Knox-Dekoning host this podcast to teach other brand designers how to build and run a successful client-based business.

Listen for conversations between Davis and Knox, as well as with other agency owners, about everything from attracting clients to digital nomadism to work-life balance as a business owner.

11. Software Social Podcast

Hosts: Colleen Schnettler, founder, Simple File Upload; and Michele Hansen, co-founder, Geocodio

Listen to the Software Social Podcast

Indie SaaS founders Colleen Schnettler and Michele Hansen chat with each other and other indie founders about growing, running and selling online businesses.

Listen for 30-ish minute conversations on growing a SaaS business, plus behind-the-scenes looks as Schnettler launches her company’s new products.