Preparing to sell your business?

Or maybe you’re not planning to sell for a few years but want to start positioning your business.

Either way, this list of podcasts about how to sell your business is made for you.

These 23 podcasts focus on business exits, covering all business types, industries, deals and strategies. We also include a few from the buyer’s perspective that are helpful for sellers.

This is a chance to hear directly from business owners who’ve been through what you soon will experience.

That’s why we recommend you binge on these podcasts before you sell.

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Business Podcasts From the Seller’s Perspective

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1. They Got Acquired

Host: Alexis Grant

We couldn’t put together this list without including our podcast! They Got Acquired is a show about life-changing business acquisitions and founders who don’t follow the Silicon Valley narrative.

These stories will inspire you to think differently about how you build your business. And if an exit is in your future, you’ll learn practical tips about how to get there. (We took a pause on our podcast after Season 1, but we’re bringing back Season 2 in 2024.)

Guests include: Sam Parr, Laura Roeder and Anna Maste

2. Intentional Growth

Host: Ryan Tansom

This podcast guides entrepreneurs on a path to building a more valuable business. With rich weekly content, listeners learn about business valuation, strategies to enhance it, and the various ways they can either exit or transform their roles.

Guests include: Gino Wickman, John Warrillow and Jack Stack

3. The Exit (Flippa)

Host: Steve McGarry

“The Exit” delves into buying and selling businesses, presenting insights from individuals who’ve navigated these waters. Within 30 minutes, listeners get a glimpse of the motivations and processes behind successful transactions.

Guests include: Eric Marcoullier, Sascha Mornell, Adam Lippin

4. Built to Sell

Host: John Warrillow

A comprehensive guide to selling businesses, this podcast speaks directly with entrepreneurs who’ve successfully exited their companies. The conversations offer an insider’s perspective, detailing the selling journey’s highs, lows, and best practices.

Guests include: Chad Maghielse, Jay B. Sauceda, Bakari Akil

5. The Opportunity Podcast

Host: Empire Flippers

This series unpacks tactics employed by veteran online business professionals. From building and flipping to buying and selling, listeners gain insights into achieving personal and financial milestones.

Guests include: Dom Wells, James Dooley, Matt McWilliams

6. Exit Stories

Host: Kevin Mosley

Centered on tech founders, buyers and sellers from the Southeast, particularly the Triangle in North Carolina, “Exit Stories” delves into experiences related to capital raising and startup sales.

Guests include: Travis Milks, Brice Englert, David Johnson

7. Business Exit Stories

Host: Bob Tankesley

This podcast showcases both triumphant and cautionary tales of business exits. Along with BxAdvisors, it assists entrepreneurs in magnifying their company’s value and optimizing the monetization process using proven strategies. (They stopped publishing new podcasts in 2022.)

Guests include: Michael Richmond, Linda Broom, Joe Franz

8. The Quiet Light Podcast

Host: Joe Valley and Mark Daoust

This podcast offers tools and strategies to buy, scale, and sell businesses. With expertise from leading M&A and e-commerce professionals, it’s a valuable resource for actionable insights.

Guests include: Kevin and Laurie Lane, Shana Weisinger

9. Startups for the Rest of Us

Host: Rob Walling

Dedicated to bootstrapped startups, this podcast chronicles the diverse experiences of SaaS founders. Listeners are taken through the roller coaster journey of startup life, from failures and struggles to triumphs.

Guests include: John Warrillow, Derrick Reimer, Dan Martell

10. Acquired

Hosts: Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal

Every major company has a backstory. “Acquired” delves into the strategies that sculpted the world’s top companies, offering listeners actionable insights they can apply in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Guests include: Jensen Huang, Cristobal Valenzuela, Morgan Housel

11. How2Exit

Host: David Barnett

“How2Exit” focuses on the M&A space for small to medium-sized businesses. The podcast features interviews with various industry experts, shedding light on the multifaceted world of buying and selling businesses.

Guests include: Adam Coffey, David Green, Elizabeth Knopf

12. Succession Stories

Host: Laurie Barkman

Laurie Barkman, who calls herself the Business Transition Sherpa, navigates the challenges of business transitions, guiding entrepreneurs to their next moves. The podcast emphasizes enhancing business value and overcoming succession hurdles.

Guests include:  Christine Nicholson, Pete Walsh, Christopher Panagiotu

13. Right in the Middle Market

Hosts: Stephanie Chambliss Gaffin and Mark Gaffin

Focusing on mid-market businesses, this podcast delves into the decisions and actions owners can take to boost their company’s long-term value. It offers practical insights for both growth and operational challenges. (It stopped publishing in 2021, but back-episodes are still relevant and useful.)

Guests include: Cheryl Ashenbrener, Lisa Brown, Marc Chandler

14. The Messy Marketplace

Host: Emily Holdman

This podcast spotlights the complex world of small to mid-size business transactions. It draws on insights from over 10,000 company evaluations, offering listeners a clearer perspective on the market.

Guests include: Brent Beshore, Mark Brooks, Brian Hawk


Host: Melissa Gragg

Melissa Gragg brings together CPAs, attorneys and other experts to discuss topics crucial for business owners. This podcast serves as a comprehensive resource on business valuations and related areas.

Guests include: Michael Koeppel, Jesse Rubenfeld, Tom Zehentner

16. Practical Founders

Host: Greg Head

Catering to serious founders building software companies with minimal external funding, “Practical Founders” emphasizes practical strategies and shared experiences to foster growth and sustainability.

Guests include: Raj Khera, Robin Alex and Kelly Mann

Podcasts from the buyer’s perspective (yet still helpful for sellers)

17. Let’s Buy a Business

Host: Ryan Condie

Dive into the intricate world of business acquisitions. With regular updates, listeners gain insights from firsthand deal experiences and industry insiders, including investors and bankers.

Guests include: Bill Snow, Bakari Akil, Mohit Tater

18. Acquiring Minds

Host: Will Smith

Embark on the journey of acquisition entrepreneurship. Discover the paths of those who’ve successfully bought businesses through rich stories, insights, and invaluable advice.

Guests include: Mike Okhravi, Kent Weaver, Sean Moore

19. Acquisitions Anonymous

Hosts: Michael Girdley, Bill D’Alessandro, Mills Snell, and Heather Endresen

This podcast is a guide to mastering small business acquisitions. With a focus on growth and operations, this podcast is a trove of insights for those eager to learn more about the acquisition realm.

Guests include: Trent Lee, John Wilson, Kelcey Lehrich

20. Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA Insider)

Host: Brian O’Connor

This podcast spotlights the nuances of acquiring businesses. The series delves deep into the world of entrepreneurial acquisition, or ETA.

Guests include: Lisa Forrest, Tom Lahey, Clement Lucas

21. Top M&A Entrepreneurs

Host: Jon Stoddard

Engage with the minds that drive the M&A industry. Weekly discussions revolve around the successes, failures, inspirations and strategies of top M&A entrepreneurs, unpacking the essence of mergers and acquisitions.

Guests include: John Martinka, Kevin Petersen, Josh Marsden

22. The Dealmaker’s Academy

Host: Jonathan Jay

The Dealmaker’s Academy is a masterclass in buying and selling businesses. Each episode dives into expert discussions, strategies, and essential skills for effective business transactions.

Guests include: Jo Bell, Phil Hunt, John Richardson

23. The Deal Board

Hosts: Andy Cagnetta and Jessica Fialkovich

“The Deal Board” offers a deep dive into mergers and acquisitions. Catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs, this podcast provides a holistic view of the M&A process, from valuations to successful deal closures.

Guests include: Howard Yaruss, Barry Sloane, Kathy Livingston