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How far can seven hours a week take your business?

For Anna Maste and Marianne Edwards, it led to a seven-figure deal that funded Marianne’s retirement.

Learn how this mother-daughter duo bootstrapped a membership site for RVers called Boondockers Welcome — and along the way, redefined what entrepreneurship can look like.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • [1:27] The details of Anna and Marianne’s seven-figure acquisition
  • [3:00] How Marianne and Anna used the couch-surfing model to create a membership site for RVers
  • [9:30] What gave Boondockers Welcome a distinct advantage over companies like Airbnb or VRBO
  • [13:40] How Anna and Marianne achieved slow but steady growth (sometimes with just seven hours a week)
  • [18:32] The scholarship conference ticket that saved Anna and Marianne from taking the wrong deal at the wrong time
  • [21:50] How Anna and Marianne struck a deal that paid for Marianne’s retirement

We’re so grateful that Anna came on the show to share her story. You can connect with Anna on Twitter @skulegirl and her website, AnnaMaste.ca.

Thanks to our sponsor, MicroConf, a community for non-venture track startup founders.

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