25 Content & Media Deals: Report

Insight Into Content Deals

Want to Position Your Content Company to Sell?

Our report will help you:

  • Maximize sale price See how companies like yours maximize sale price so you understand which levers to pull in your own business
  • Increase your ROI Arm yourself with a solid understanding of the content landscape, so you can strategically position your company leading up to sale
  • Lean on comps Bring comps (comparative sales) to the negotiation table, rather than going in blind

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Choose the version that’s best for you:


Ideal for curious founders


  • Broad look at content acquisitions
  • Coverage of 5 content deals
  • All deals are 6 or 7 figures

Takeaway: Get an insider peek at how content companies sell


Essential if you're looking to sell, invest in, or buy a content company


  • Coverage of 25 content deals
  • 80% of companies included were bootstrapped
  • 44% of companies included feature a female founder
  • 36% of companies included earned revenue through memberships or subscriptions
  • 56% of companies included earned revenue through advertising or sponsorships
  • 72% of companies included had less than 5 employees

Takeaway: An understanding of what matters to buyers, so you can develop a plan to sell for maximum value

Data is Power

Metrics We Uncover

If you wanted to sell your house, you’d look for real-estate comps in your neighborhood.

But until now, comps didn’t exist for private, small-to-middle market business sales.

Finding them on your own is time-consuming at best, and frankly, often impossible. That’s why our research analysts and reporters have collected this information by hand, scouring the internet for useful metrics and conducting first-person interviews with founders.

Information we dig up for each company* that sold:

  • Who bought it
  • Sale price or range
  • Revenue or sale multiple
  • Website traffic, email subscribers or customers
  • Employees at sale
  • Year sold & year founded
  • Who founded the company
  • Plus context on the deal, such as how they found a buyer and why the founder wanted to sell

*Most of the companies we cover are private, and some details are unavailable because of NDAs. While we can’t provide every data point for every deal, we can promise to arm you with information and decision-making power you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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Don't go in blind

For Buyers and Investors

Our data is also used by M&A professionals, individuals in the search community and investors.

You know good data is key for making decisions — and it can be hard to find in the private market.

That’s why we’ve compiled these comps through research and first-person interviews. This is truly data you won’t find anywhere else.

Our report will help you:

  • Get a sense for how much you should invest based on the performance of other companies in this space
  • Understand the motivations and values of founders who sell, so you can make an appealing offer
  • Gain insight into metrics that matter for content and media companies, especially if you’re new to this ecosystem

Whether you want to buy and leverage a media company or build a career in the M&A space, our data will help you make solid business decisions.

Get the Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll get:

  • A spreadsheet, because we know it’s helpful to see all the data in one place
  • A PDF that includes stories on all the deals, so you can put those metrics into context

All of these elements will be delivered to you immediately via email after purchase.

We offer tons of information on our website for free, and we hope you use it to your advantage.

This report is for sellers, buyers and investors who want to go deep in one particular niche. You’re welcome to comb through our website and pull out all the deals in your niche — or you can lean on us to do that for you, saving you precious time and energy. This report delivers it to you with one click.

Many of the deals in the report have been covered on our website, but some deals are only available in the report.

The report also includes a spreadsheet that lays out all the metrics for each deal, so you can compare them all, and even make a copy and play with the data if that suits you. The spreadsheet is only available in this report.

If you’re not yet ready to sell, but you’re thinking about how to prepare yourself and your business for a sale, then you are in the golden position.

You have time to pull levers that will maximize the value of your business… but you need to understand what those are.

That’s where the report comes in. It will help you understand what buyers look for and where your business might fit in the acquisition landscape. Once you understand your options, you can figure out a clear path for moving forward.

Ask away! Here’s how to contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions.


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