21 Companies That Sold in 2021

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21 Companies That Sold in 2021 for 6 or 7 Figures


Data Is Power

Insight Into Acquisitions

Good data is key for maximizing the value of your business. But it can be hard to find in the private market.

That’s why we’ve compiled, through research and first-person interviews, metrics about online companies that have sold, including SaaS, e-commerce, content, community and education companies.

Our database includes records of thousands online businesses that have sold since 2017, covering deals between $100,000 – $50 million.

We showcase just a few of those acquisitions in this report, a sampling of companies that sold in 2021.

Whether you want to sell a business, buy a business or build a career in the M&A space, lean on our data to make decisions that will strengthen your business.

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Our special sauce

Our Methodology

If you wanted to sell your house, you’d look for real-estate comps in your neighborhood.

But until now, comps didn’t exist for private, small-to-middle market business sales.

Finding them on your own is time-consuming at best, and frankly, often impossible. That’s why our research analysts and reporters have collected this information by hand, scouring the internet for useful metrics and conducting first-person interviews with founders.

Metrics we report include sale price, year sold, who founded the company, when the company was founded, how many employees the company had at sale, revenue at sale, customers at sale, web traffic at sale, email subscribers at sale, and other metrics that matter, depending on the business — all reference points that can inform how you grow or sell your own business.

Since these are private companies, we don’t have every data point for every deal. For some of the deals, we don’t have an exact sale price, but we have a range, i.e. 7-figure sale, nearly 7 figures, mid-6 figures. And for some, we don’t have any sale price information but have other data points about the business.

We’ve found that through a combination of original reporting and thoughtful aggregation of information across the web, we can paint an insightful picture of each acquisition, arming you with information and decision-making powers you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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