Capiche, a community of technologists who frequently use software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and share their insights, was acquired by SaaS management company Vendr in 2021.

The sale price was $1.1 million, according to the LinkedIn profile of founder Austin Petersmith.

Launched in 2019, Capiche built a community of SaaS users with the goal of democratizing information on software companies’ pricing, offerings, negotiation tactics, and more.

“Pricing struck us as the most opaque part of the buying process,” Petersmith wrote in an essay announcing the sale. “We could dig in and break down every SaaS product’s pricing — but it’d be impossible to find all the hidden fees, sales-driven custom pricing, onboarding costs, and more. What if instead everyone could just share what they were paying for software?”

By the time of the sale, Capiche had attracted 50,000 monthly visitors and 15,000 engaged users who produced hundreds of posts on their experiences with various SaaS products, Petersmith told They Got Acquired.

Capiche leveraged the data into how-to guides, tips, and in-depth reviews of tools and services. The company later added community features like discussions, wikis, AMAs and essays to further help technologists gain insights into and save money on the SaaS platforms they use.

Based in San Francisco, Capiche raised $900,000 in seed funding and had a staff of four people before its sale, Petersmith told They Got Acquired. (TechCrunch reported a slightly different figure in February 2020; the publication reported that Capiche had raised $1.1 million — the same amount Petersmith said the company sold for in 2021 — from small angel investors and venture firms.)

Petersmith also told us the sale was “quick and easy” and he is now working on Racket, an audio storytelling tool.