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  • See sales prices, multiples and other metrics for companies in your vertical
  • Dig into trends that inform your M&A decisions
  • Do your job better than your competitors

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If you wanted to sell your house, you’d look for real-estate comps in your neighborhood.

But until now, comps didn’t exist for private, small-to-middle market business sales.

Finding them on your own is time-consuming at best, and frankly, often impossible. That’s why our research analysts and reporters have collected this information by hand, scouring the internet for useful metrics and conducting first-person interviews with founders.

Information we dig up for each company* that sold:

  • Which company bought it
  • Sale price or range
  • Revenue or sale multiple
  • Website traffic, email subscribers or customers
  • Employees at sale
  • Year sold & year founded
  • Who founded the company
  • And more

*Most of the companies we cover are private, and some details are unavailable because of NDAs. While we can’t provide every data point for every deal, we can promise to arm you with information and decision-making power you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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