Episode Length: 36 minutes


This private podcast episode reviews takeaways from our SaaS Deals Report.

It features two M&A advisors from Quiet Light brokerage, our sponsor for this report.

Both David Newell and Jon Hainstock specialize in selling SaaS companies, and they walk us through the trends and actionable takeaways that stand out to them in our report.

A private podcast about sales of SaaS companies

What you’ll learn in this conversation:

  • [5:29] The #1 thorny challenge with SaaS acquisitions
  • [9:00] How to create a machine-like business that leads to higher valuations
  • [11:44] What’s driving the rise in micro-private equity companies and transactions
  • [14:23] The most common types of buyers in the $1M-$3M+ exit space
  • [16:12] The difference between financial and strategic buyers
  • [21:34] How to navigate emotions and burnout during a sale
  • [26:34] How valuations and multiples change based on revenue size and growth factors
  • [30:55] Why you shouldn’t rely on online calculators for your valuation, and where you should get one instead

Want help selling your SaaS business?

If you’re looking to sell your business in the next year or two, now is the time to start preparing.

Email David (david@quietlight.com) or Jon (jon@quietlight.com) for a discovery conversation, or request a free call with Quiet Light:

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