Kenny Schumacher launched Delesign, a graphic design subscription service, in late 2018.

He bootstrapped the company, and by the time he sold it less than three years later, it had grown to $90K MRR (monthly recurring revenue) with a workforce of 60 designers and staff, he told They Got Acquired.

The B2B subscription service offers a dedicated professional designer who provides custom graphic design, animation, and motion graphics for businesses. Delesign had 200 paid monthly subscribers when it was acquired in April 2021.

The company sold for “close to seven figures,” Schumacher said in a Mixergy interview. The buyer was not disclosed, though Schumacher said it was a “portfolio company that purchases other online ventures.”

In an interview with FE International, the M&A advisory firm that helped him sell the company, Schumacher said his involvement with the business “was relatively minimal” when he sold. While he was based in the San Francisco Bay Area, his entire workforce was in the Philippines.

“When starting a new business, I try to do most of the tasks myself to understand them well,” he said in the interview. “But once I know them, I’ll make processes and procedures and then hire and train others to take some of those tasks off my plate.”

Delesign was Schumacher’s second exit

This was Schumacher’s second acquisition experience; in 2018 he sold PA Crunch, an Instagram growth service. He worked with FE International for both sales. “Working with a broker makes it a smooth process,” he told They Got Acquired.

Schumacher planned to use profits from the sale to build his portfolio of passive income sources, including investing and real estate, he said in an interview with SaaS Mag, a publication from FE International.

In mid-2021, he co-founded Appraisal Saver, a subscription service to help home appraisers complete appraisal reports, and Closin, a platform that helps startups manage their investors.