Episode Length: 35 minutes


This episode is sponsored by Quiet Light brokerage, which helps entrepreneurs sell e-commerce companies.

In this conversation, we discuss takeaways and applicable learnings from our E-Commerce Deals Report.

That report includes case studies of recent e-commerce company sales, and this podcast takes it one step further, suggesting ways entrepreneurs can use the information for your own exit planning.

Our guest, Ryan Condie, is a serial entrepreneur with e-commerce experience, having bought, built and sold several businesses, including Amazon FBA and Shopify stores. As an advisor at Quiet Light, he has helped dozens of e-commerce entrepreneurs and owners sell their online businesses.

The podcast covers the current landscape for e-commerce sales, which types of buyers are pursuing e-commerce businesses, and how sellers can make their businesses more attractive to buyers. Condie also shares his own experiences of the emotional aspects of selling a business, which he says can be like giving up a child that you have nurtured. He emphasizes that sellers should be realistic about their ability to take their business to the next level, and that finding the right buyer to do so can help ensure that the business continues to thrive.

A private podcast about sales of e-commerce companies

What you’ll learn in this conversation:

  • [3:00] The key principle all sellers should remember
  • [5:05] Emerging trends in the world of e-commerce
  • [6:38] When is a business large enough to attract buyers?
  • [8:08] How to balance profit and revenue for business valuation
  • [10:01] Factoring in the founder’s salary during a sale, and how SDE works
  • [12:39] Pros and cons of various buyer types
  • [15:19] What e-commerce multiples look like now
  • [20:34] Signs it’s time to consider selling your business
  • [21:21] What founders often flag as the toughest part of selling
  • [26:43] The crucial aspect founders often overlook in selling their business
  • [28:55] The difference between cash vs. accrual accounting, and which you should use

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